The “twice as good” rule

Meeting with Dr. Vasudevan *

During the visit to the pharmaceutical production center (AVP Group of Institution’s), I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Vasuvedan, director of the Heritage Medical India center, aged 80, he explained the idea of the rule “twice as good” during the conference held at the botanical center.

According to him, this rule inspires a longevity of qualitative life, allowing everyone to take care of their body in addition to the habits that we would have already established, sports habits, yoga, pilates, meditation etc.

Here are word for word this rule:

Twice a day, flushing out feces (not once, as many believe)

Twice a week, apply a self-massage oil to the body, or professional abyhanga at the practice.

Twice a month, sexual relations aiming at procreation (the desire for more would be without male ejaculation, one can refer to Master Mantak Chia for this practice preserving the energy of the individual)

Twice a year, a complete detoxification of the body or Panchakarma (which I am currently doing in India)

* Director, Center for Indian Medical Heritage (AVP Group of Institution’s), Kanjikode, Palakkad, Kerala

Rtd. Proffessor, Govt. College Chittur, Palakkad (University of Calicut)