The word “Dosha” comes from the verb “dusha” which means “vicier” because it is the doshas that are the cause of the loss of health, when their harmonious state of balance is broken resulting in a whole series of disturbances in the body and mind.

When the 5 building blocks of our Universe enter the biological composition of a living organism, they combine to give 3 biological forces: the 3 doshas.

These 3 vital energies preside over each biological and psychological process of all living organisms.

A harmonious state between the 3 doshas creates balance and health, while an imbalance manifests itself in the form of disease or affection.

It is the interaction of these 3 forces that determines the state of the organism.

The 3 doshas are named: VATA, PITTA and KAPHA.

These 3 fundamental biological energies regulate all the vital processes of an individual.

Vata, Pitta and Kapha molecules are referred to as the result of the biochemical combination of the molecules of the 5 basic elements (Panchmahabhutas).

Each dosha consists of the combination of 2 among the 5 Basic Elements, of which it acquires the properties.