Visamavritti Hormonal Respiration

This breath is one of the great regulators of the whole hormonal system. Practiced regularly, at least half an hour a day, it allows for example to lose weight if necessary.

It is beneficial in some cases of spinal pain. He is a powerful “stress reliever”. It can be a valuable adjunct in certain forms of diabetes, asthma, headache and in general in chronic disorders. In these cases, it must be associated with specific visualizations.
It is in fact an excellent regulator of the internal clock thanks to the rhythm which it gives again to the breath and consequently to the whole of the physiological and mental processes.


It’s breathing on the beat:
1 inspiration time (for example 4 seconds)
4 full lung retention time (16 seconds)
2 expiration times (8 seconds).

Inspiration: it starts from the belly and rises in the chest.

Expiration: it starts from the chest and goes down into the belly.

Full lung retention: everything must become stable and still.

Concentration: the eyes are closed, the gaze fixed in the point between the eyebrows. We visualize the breath which circulates in the vertebral axis, from the base to the fontanel. It follows the physiological movement, rising on inspiration and falling on expiration.

Duration : between 5 and 10 minutes.

Article and sharing of Olivier Clair , Yoga teacher

Photo: Daniele Levis Pelusi