Kansu bowl Massage

Deep relaxation

Deep relaxation is to be expected thanks to this foot massage with the Kansu bowl which relaxes the whole body.

This treatment brings a state of passive meditation (Alpha wave cerebral rhythm) in which the psyche relaxes and the body enters repair mode.
The Kansu bowl alleviates nervousness, anxiety, anger. Each component of the bowl’s alloy (5metals) acts differently on the body.
It restores calm and restores sleep while releasing anger, stress, frustration and anxiety.
By acting on the reflex points of the feet, the Kansu bowl activates the proper circulation of vital energy throughout the body.

This vital energy is a primary factor that brings health and harmony.
From a physical point of view, it works on every organ in the body and improves the metabolism.

Treatment prohibited for women trying to have children.

60 minutes
. . . . . . . . .
140 CHF

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