Kapâlabhâti Routine

In the ordinary state we are constantly thinking, and even when we are not expressing it outwardly there is an incessant chat and parade of images inside that continues into our dreams. The first objective of kapâlabhâti is a kind of mental cleansing to get rid of the clutter of thoughts and the stress that accumulates daily; bringing a light, relaxed, rested, fresh and luminous state of mind, which gradually unconditions itself from the heaviness of the usual state of consciousness.


We only work on the expiration. It is a succession of powerful and rapid exhalations producing a sound of air rubbing in the nose. About a hundred exhales per minute.

Exhale: expel air through the nostrils, much like blowing your nose, while suddenly retracting your stomach.

Inhale: Immediately release your stomach, which will let in some air.

The exhalation is therefore very active while the inspiration is passive.

Concentration: eyes closed, gaze upwards, in the center of the forehead. Try to see a dot and mentally say the sound “Om” with each exhale.

Duration: Breath for one to five minutes, then stop by letting go of the breath and observing it. At this point he may very well stop, continue lightly or normally, just observe without intervening. Stay like this for about thirty seconds. Repeat two or three times.


Take a sitting posture, possibly sitting on the edge of a small firm cushion.

Straighten your back vertically. To do this, tilt the pelvis forward, hollow out the loins, tuck the belly a little, straighten and open the chest, relax and lower the shoulders, stretch the neck by tucking the chin a little and pull the head back slightly so as to what it is really placed vertically in the extension of the column.(spine)

Lightly tighten the anus (pelvis) and keep it there throughout the practice.

Close your eyes, focus your gaze on the point between the eyebrows.

Take the gesture of wisdom with your hands (mudra): tip of the index finger firmly wedged in the first fold of the thumb, the other three fingers stretched out and pressed against each other. The palms of the hands are turned towards the ceiling, the backs of the hands are placed on the knees.
The tip of the tongue is placed against the soft part of the palate. See and feel the spine, the axis fully erect, stretched upward between the firm, tight base, and the point between the browbones, bright. Feel the push from the bottom to the top.

*Note: after a few days of  practice we can notice the bliss and peace of mind, then it is best to keep the practice for 3 weeks at least 🙌🏽

Thanks to Olivier Clair, Yoga teacher, writer.